Campofilone (Fermo) Italy

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Campofilone is a small town located in the province of Fermo in central Italy and has a population of 1903 inhabitants.

It is an ancient medieval village situated in the hills approximately 2.7 km. from the sea (202 mt s.l.m.). The nearest motorway exit is Pedaso (approx. 4km.)


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The authentic " Maccheroncini of Campofilone " have been acknowledged by the Marche Region as a typical traditional product.

They can only be produced in Campofilone and must respect a rigid discipline of production according to an ancient traditional recipe. The pasta-making tradition of Campofilone started in 1400, while the first official documents refer to this pasta with the so-called nickname of angels' hair because of the fact that it is very thin, dates back to the Trento Council in 1560, where this pasta was mentioned bearing the wording " so thin that it melts in your mouth."

Campofilone is also an agricultural town where it is possible to purchase products directly from which they have been rigorously biologically grown.


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The town, itself, was developed from a village, founded in medieval times, around the Abbey of Saint Bartholomew. In the 12th century, the monastery was subjected to the Bishop's Residence of Fermo and remained so until 1342. The following medieval roads are of particular interest and excitement: Via degli Orti with barrel vaults, Viale dei Pini, The Tower of Porta Marina, La Porta del Sole, and Porta da Bora. Affrescoes by Fontana are present today in the Abbey's Church and in the Church of Saint Patrick.


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Sandy beaches with low sounding depth can be found 2.8km from the town. It is public and can be reached by an underground passage from the highway S.S. 16. Restaurants and snack bars are located in the vicinity offering typical gastronomical specialities.


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This project is concerned with the achievement of an allotment plan authorized by the Town Hall of Campofilone for the construction of 5 buildings/condominiums public green area, car parks and streets as according to the attached plan.

Currently, Building Lot N.2 is in construction which foresees the achievement of 12 flats, 2 stairways, lifts. All flats have sea views, with one, two or more rooms ranging from 55 to 110 s.m. also with balconies and box garage.


Estimated Final Date: Summer 2012.


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- Structure in antisismic reinforced concrete

- External wall with Poroton blocks of 30 cm. thermic insulation with polistirene panels of 7 cm.

- Armoured doors

- Swedish pinewood window frames, thermo-acoustic glass to reduce sounds up to 38 decibels.

- Alluminum shutters

- Radiant floor heating

- Soundproof Drainage

- Condensation Boiler

- Predisposed implant hot water production from solar energy.

- Covering with clay roof tiles.


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